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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Unmetered Web Hosting by Natalie Wilkins

Unmetered Web Hosting
by Natalie Wilkins

The World Wide Web is perhaps one of the most dynamic business environments today. In such an environment, you can never be 100% certain as to what your requirements are when it comes to your websites web-hosting needs. Your website (or websites!) may grow and expand. As a result of this you will require more disk space and larger amounts of bandwidth. You may also require a greater number of MySQL databases and email accounts. If you have a simple content-driven website then it may not grow as it isn't dynamic. It is there as an informative resource and therefore will not change or grow. However, even with this type of website, the problem with a limited web host is that an extremely large influx of traffic may use all your available bandwidth thus rendering your site unavailable. An unmetered web host will ensure that your site is always available regardless of the amount of traffic it is receiving.
There is really only one viable option when choosing your web hosting solution and that is one that offers unmetered resources such as bandwidth and storage space. The best possible web hosting solution would provide unmetered services that include:
Data Transfer / Bandwidth Data Storage / Disk Space Domains / Sub-Domains Email Accounts / Forwarders MySQL Databases
It is now no longer necessary to pay for every single byte of data you transfer. It is much easier and much more cost efficient to pay a single fee for unmetered bandwidth. You can never be certain as to what your monthly bandwidth usage will be so it pays not to have a specific bandwidth limit which may result in you having to pay fees for excessive usage. Avoid these large fees altogether by ensuring your web host offers unmetered data transfer.
You are also subject to penalty charges if you have to exceed your allocated disk storage space. You will be unable to use extra disk space without having to contact your web host and requesting that extra storage is made available. This may be a lengthy procedure which will waste time that could be invested more productively elsewhere. If you have a dynamic website which may rely on user contributions you will never be certain as to what your storage requirements will be. It is vital that you have a web hosting solution that provides you with unmetered storage space; otherwise you may experience downtime as a result of you running out of resources.
An unmetered web hosting solution will be much cheaper than the limited alternative. You will now be able to host all or your websites from one account rather than having a number of different accounts and being charged for their different services. A single unmetered web host will allow you to manage your web presence much more efficiently and save you a lot of money in the process. Gone are the days where you will be charged for excessive bandwidth usage. You will never have to contact your web host requesting more resources again.
Ultimately if you really value your website's web presence then unmetered web hosting is a must. You cannot afford downtime due to a lack of resources; be it because of data transfer or storage space. There really is no excuse as unmetered web hosting is available. Use it!

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Natalie Wilkins owns Affordable Web Hosting Services at 10DollarWebHosts.comA web hosting company that puts the customer first. A professional solution for beginners to advanced, for personal web hosting to business web hosting.

USA Reseller Web Hosting: Unix or Microsoft? by Trevor Mulholland

USA Reseller Web Hosting: Unix or Microsoft?
by Trevor Mulholland

If you're in the USA, and you're planning to get into the USA reseller web hosting industry, you need to consider one major issue, first and foremost: would you like to offer Unix-ready features along with Microsoft-only ones?
Offering Microsoft-only services may seem to be the smart choice, but supporting Unix is its own asset, which could open a world of opportunities for you as a USA reseller web hosting outfit. In fact, if you have avenues to ask for both Microsoft and Unix support from your web host, all the better!
One downside to reselling web space instead of putting up your own server is that you don't get to control the basics. As a reseller, you may be able to change things around via the standard control panel. You may even have limited access to certain features like merchant accounts and secure site hosting. But when you want to switch between operating systems, or OS-es - it's unfortunately not your call, but your web host's.
Web hosts determine the kind of OS-es that run on their servers. Many web hosts offer both Windows and Unix features, by using Unix machines as servers, and then just running Windows programs and servers within these machines. Over time, Unix server OSes have become increasingly tolerant of Windows programs, which makes a Unix server a sweet deal for web hosts and resellers alike.
Unix servers are cost efficient because they are ideal for running open source programs. Preferring open source programs help save on operational costs, since they're mostly free for use, depending on the specifications of the persons or outfits who developed the codes to be used. When you run paid programs or servers on your machines, you don't only need to think of the cost of buying the software - you also need to consider the potential costs of license renewal.
There is, after all, no assurance that software licensing will cost the same throughout the years! And you have to consider that in your profit projections if you are running a webhost. Thankfully, you don't need to be concerned with that as a reseller. However, as a reseller, you should be aware of what software your potential customers will need.
If your web host only supports Unix and open source features, you run the risk of losing a big part of your clientele. But you run the same risk if your host only supports Microsoft and Windows! As a USA reseller web hosting outfit, you should be intimately aware of the needs of your target market.

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Becoming Your Own Affordable Hosting Reseller Expert by Trevor Mulholland

Becoming Your Own Affordable Hosting Reseller Expert
by Trevor Mulholland

If you're already a webmaster who's experienced managing multiple domains - and yes, this means assigning user access levels to friends and family so they could play around in the web space you've purchased - you may have done just enough research to make you an efficient hosting reseller. You must also have gotten an idea how hot an affordable hosting reseller outfit could be in the market today. Why not think about taking the next step and becoming a web space reseller as well?
And it's not enough to be just any reseller - to give yourself an edge in the market, you must first of all be an affordable hosting reseller. You have to offer unique services, or at the very least premium features at premium prices, otherwise you'll fail to catch the attention of your prospective customers. No doubt many other webmasters out there have been around and seen what makes reseller accounts look so attractive. You need to do your own research and see what will give you an advantage over other resellers.
So how do you become an in-demand reseller? First of all, you need to define your market. What kind of users are you targeting - small business owners, private individuals, or large organizations and corporate entities? It's important for you to keep your potential customers at the forefront of all your planning, because their needs will shape the way you customize the packages you aim to resell.
Many resellers make it a point to target specific sectors, like people who want to be able to host multiple domains for their personal websites, or people who want the extended functionalities of online store hosting. People will react better to your sales pitch when they hear that you are offering exactly the features they need, at exactly the budget they have. It would be beneficial to draw on your webmastering experience for this.
This leads us to the next step: make a tally of the things your outfit has to offer. Then, out of that list, check the features you have that aren't offered by many other resellers who cater to your target market.
After you've defined what would make your web space uniquely sellable, draft a marketing plan. How do you plan to come across as an reliable and affordable hosting reseller outfit? One way to go about this is to be liberal with promos and limited offers. Sure it may mean limited profit, but remember you're just starting off - when you've already established your footing in the market, the customers you were able to attract with your promos will end up being the customers you'll be keeping for the long haul.

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USA Reseller Web Hosting: The Practical Choice by Trevor Mulholland

USA Reseller Web Hosting: The Practical Choice
by Trevor Mulholland

When you're looking for web hosting space on a budget, reseller hosting is the way to go. And as with any service, you can expect the best from people who operate within the proximity. If you're based in the USA, a good USA reseller web hosting outfit should be able to help you with your every need.
How is USA reseller web hosting the practical choice for someone living in the USA? There are a number of reasons. For one thing, USA-based service providers are more aware of the true value of a dollar than anyone. A USA-based reseller is more familiar with the competition and what it takes to get ahead - what services to provide that will get the attention of more customers, and exactly how to target customers in order to gain maximum visibility for its best ad pitches.
And of course, "the best ad pitches" mean promos, discounts and other customer-friendly features. Just because something is US-based, it isn't automatically unfriendly with customers. In order to get ahead in the market a service provider needs to be able to attract customers, and smart marketers know that the way to do that is to offer eye-catching promos - whether continuous or for a limited time only.
For that is exactly what a reseller outfit is - a marketing arm. To be more specific, it's a marketing arm for a webhost. There are many methods of reselling, but among the most popular is that a reseller buys a huge chunk of web space from an existing host, then allocates smaller chunks of web space to users who are willing to pay. Sometimes, resellers pretend to be web hosts in order to seem more "legit," but this isn't exactly out of line, or even illegal - quite a few web hosts offer large spaces that are ideal for reselling. Some of them offer "brandable" reseller accounts so that all the services have the reseller's name on them, and there is almost nothing left to tie the customer back to the original web host.
This works to the web host's advantage because if a host primarily caters to resellers, there is no need to market its services to individual buyers. And resellers always need - and pay for - large amounts of space. If you don't have the kind of money that resellers have, or the features that they need, you should look into purchasing space from a USA reseller web hosting.

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Becoming a UK Reseller Web Hosting Outfit by Trevor Mulholland

Becoming a UK Reseller Web Hosting Outfit
by Trevor Mulholland

There is a need for good web space reseller services in your home country, no matter where in the world you are located. If you're based in the UK, becoming a top-rated UK reseller web hosting agent may be something worthy of your aspirations!
It may be true that in industry, the market is driven by price - the cheaper your products and services are, the more customers you get. But even if this is the usual way of things, it isn't what always happens. A UK reseller web hosting vendor, for example, should be able to win lots of customers over purely with its understanding of the market. And if you have experience as a webmaster buying web hosting services from various providers in your home country, then you may just find yourself at an advantage!
Do not think of this as a lottery - no business is. In order to succeed in any industry, you need to exhibit optimum persistence and skill. It still takes a lot of hard work to establish, project and then maintain a favorable image among your potential customers. As a reseller, you are essentially a marketer - someone experienced in the art of making people appreciate the things that make your business truly unique.
This may sound difficult, but if you are intimately involved with the industry, you already have a remarkable advantage. Say you are a programmer with a hundred contacts and a gift of gab - this could start you off on the right foot. Say, also, that you have experienced plugging your website or your friends' website in different communities, have had to deal with inquiries on a one-to-one level as a webmaster - then you already have a good idea of what is required to make a good reseller!
A reseller is primarily a marketing arm for a web host. You don't need to operate web servers in your own home to become a reseller. Now, you may resent the idea of doing the marketing for your web host, but bear in mind that you're not entirely doing this for free!
What sets you apart from the marketing arm of your web host is that you are able to offer web space in lower prices. There are a couple of ways to do this. One of them is by buying web space from your "parent" web host, and then redistributing this space at premium rates to interested buyers. Gain enough experience, do your research, and when you're ready, make your entrance in the UK reseller web hosting industry!

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UK Reseller Web Hosting: Trust Matters by Trevor Mulholland

UK Reseller Web Hosting: Trust Matters
by Trevor Mulholland

People who live in the UK will want UK-based services. At the very least, customers know that people in the UK are intimately aware of the need to provide good service at budget rates. And UK-based customers will want savings even on their web space needs, so that individuals interested in putting up UK reseller web hosting services will not set a foot into the reseller space market and find it dry.
There is one thing that makes a UK reseller web hosting outfit ideal for UK-based customers, and that is trust. People trust the people in their neighborhood to be most aware of the things they need. They also take comfort in the fact that the people they would want to contact in case of emergency is just a few toll-free numbers away.
Reselling web space is a diversified iundustry. There are many ways to go about it. One of them is by entering into a contract with a large web host to market its services for a commission of all sales made. This pretty much makes customers hands-off for the reseller, because after transactions have been made, the reseller basically turns over all customers into the care of the "parent" web host.
But there is another instance of web space reselling which puts much more work onto the shoulders of the reseller, although it could also potentially bring in much more profit: the reseller buys a large amount of web space from the original host, and then "re-sells" smaller portions of it to interested buyers. The cost of buying the web space is shouldered by the reseller, but if many customers come to avail of the smaller web space allocations, the reseller may potentially incur a profit that greatly exceeds the investment.
One catch in this setup, though, is that it is assumed that the reseller is also in charge of holding up the customer support end. In many cases, the reseller poses as a web host, with its own name and services (such as FTP hosts) that carry its labels and URLs. This is not illegal, especially since some web hosts make it a point to sell "brandable" reseller web accounts for people who are interested specifically in selling their services uniquely.
So if you're in the UK and you're thinking of getting reseller web hosting - or if you're thinking of putting up a reseller outfit for UK clients - UK reseller web hosting is the way to go. Nothing gains and keeps the trust of customers better than being physically present to be aware of their most pressing needs.

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How to Save Money With a USA Reseller Web Hosting Outfit by Trevor Mulholland

How to Save Money With a USA Reseller Web Hosting Outfit
by Trevor Mulholland

USA reseller web hosting is one of the most sought-after services in cyberspace. You must know how USA web hosting is considered one of the most reliable and most marketable, since a lot of the world's technological hubs are located in the USA. If you are located in the USA, you must know how lucrative this industry is for people who are looking for affordable web hosting services.
In and out of the USA, people seek the security and flexibility afforded by US-based web hosts. A great many of the world's most secure web hosting infrastructure is located in the USA, and this is why USA reseller web hosting services will always be in demand. But you need to know how to properly address this need, and to scale your services according to global demand.
Price is always a driver. Even if you offer the highest caliber security and the best features, if your price is not friendly to customers, their attention will wander. Your rates must be able to compete with the prices offered by other web hosts, in order to draw people in and make them aware of what you can do.
How do you do this? Well, as a reseller, you have to understand that scalability is a major asset of resellers. People wouldn't purchase web space directly from a web host if they can get a more attractive package from a reseller. And by "more attractive," we mean less expensive. Less expensive, on its part, comes with a bunch of other meanings - like smaller web space, lower bandwidth requirements, and fewer features.
Why would people want less of anything? Well, if the price is right, individual buyers can do away with certain features, and still feel like they're getting good value for their money. For example, not everyone needs unlimited email and domain/subdomain functionalities. And not everyone needs over 200 mb of space! Sometimes a person will only want to create a single site made of static webpages, with a single domain active, in order to promote a product or a service. You definitely won't need a lot of space, email or domain/subdomain functionalities for that! You may, however, need a lot of bandwidth, especially if your marketing arm decides to make your brochure-type website a primary selling tool.
And because technology experts in the USA continue to expand and innovate, USA-based individuals or companies offering "techie" products - such as web space - will always be in demand. It's probably safe to say that USA reseller web hosting outfits will continue to find the market very lucrative indeed in the coming years.

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India Reseller Web Hosting Outfits: Outsourced Reselling? by Trevor Mulholland

India Reseller Web Hosting Outfits: Outsourced Reselling?
by Trevor Mulholland

Outsourcing was a hot issue a while back. As budding web entrepreneurs, we can't stop thinking about it just because the issue has faded, because we all have to stay up to date on issues related to our prospective businesses. If you are looking into putting up a reseller hosting company, for example, you'll know that offshore reseller hosting is increasingly becoming a hot ticket. But if we pay more serious attention to the outsourcing issue, we'll have to ask ourselves: Are India reseller web hosting outfits in fact outsourced service providers?
We're not talking about Indian support agents or customer relations representatives answering queries for a reseller outfit based in North America or in Europe. Chances are that reseller outfit will not advertise that it is outsourcing certain back office services to lower cost locations. No, we're talking about India reseller web hosting companies - individuals or entire business units licensed to operate independently within India, with a mostly-Indian labor pool.
First off, we have to define what "outsourcing" really is. There is a remarkable difference between outsourcing and franchising, two very lucrative business processes that have spelled out success for smart global-minded entrepreneurs over the decades. Outsourcing means recruiting workers in lower-cost locations to address a target market residing in an advanced nation. Franchising means setting up a base in a lower-cost location to address the needs of the residents of that lower-cost location.
A common example of franchising is Yahoo!'s method: there is a Yahoo!Japan, a Yahoo!Singapore, a Yahoo!China, and many other versions, everywhere in the world. Some of these franchises may be in low-cost locations, but the idea is that the market is localized. It is also important to note that any transactions with international clients is done under the global Yahoo! banner.
If a company is based in India, then, and it is addressing a mainly Indian clientele, it is not an outsourcing company. And if it does not tie back to a mother corporation or a global banner, neither is it a franchise. It is, quite simply, an independent all-Indian venture.
However, these independent ventures may address an international audience! This is one of those things you could take advantage of, as a web space reseller. An Indian reseller web hosting outfit would be able to offer you significantly cheaper space, which you could then redistribute at optimum rates. You are able to save not through outsourcing, but through a strategic partnership!

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India Reseller Web Hosting: Not Just About the Savings by Trevor Mulholland

India Reseller Web Hosting: Not Just About the Savings
by Trevor Mulholland
If you're a night owl, like a lot of Net addicts are, you will want a web host with tech support and downtimes that will be able to meet your schedule. And if you're also a practical night owl, like a lot of Net addicts SHOULD BE, you would be more attracted by offers made by reseller web hosts. So where would you find a reseller web host that is ideal for practical night owls? Where else, but in a lower-cost offshore location? Try different China, Russia and India reseller web hosting vendors out for size, and see which ones you will find yourself most comfortable with.
A friendly tip: India reseller web hosting should be especially interesting to a lot of people - not just night owls who are out to purchase cheap web space. It's also interesting for people who are out to better understand the workings of the global market. An India-based reseller web host is expected to adhere to global standards, and if you are already intimately familiar with the way resellers work locally, and wish to be better acquainted with how resellers work in other parts of the world, India is one of the best places to start your observation.
There are some pretty persistent myths about the nature of offshore work, and among them is that work done in other countries means lower-quality work. This is simply false. Indian programmers and computer engineers have been up to date with the latest web standards since they themselves gained access to international news. They know the needs of the local and the overseas market, and are aware of how to fill it.
One remarkable plus point for recruiting the services of an overseas service provider is the ability to provide graveyard shift support. But arguably, the time factor is moot since reliable resellers all over the world already offer on-the-fly 24-hour support. And if they don't yet, they should seriously think about it! Because it may be the attractiveness of one's hosting packages that mainly draws in the customers, but it's ultimately HOW a reseller deals with its customers that makes them stay.
A locally-based web host may provide comfort and familiarity, but if you should desire to adventure and gain a better handle on the global market, consider recruiting the services of an India reseller web hosting outfit. You'll not only enjoy the savings - you're also sure to enjoy the educational trip.

Ways to Save on UK Reseller Web Hosting by Trevor Mulholland

Ways to Save on UK Reseller Web Hosting
by Trevor Mulholland

Reseller hosting is a big deal in today's web service market. It remaind lucrative precisely because it drives down the cost of web space and bandwidth for individual buyers. But what about the reseller - how are costs driven down for the "middleman" that goes between a web host and its prospective customers? If you plan to put up a UK reseller web hosting outfit, you need to know what features to include in order to make your company more competitive.
Competitiveness is not achieved simply by minimizing on manpower. It's true: sometimes a reseller outfit can be managed by just one person, making it a veritable "one-man show" - but in general good service cannot be provided by one man alone. Moreover, the ability to grow and expand as a UK reseller web hosting service may in fact be directly proportional to the number of people you get to work on your system. The more capable support technicians and sales agents you get, the better you will be able to maintain smooth relations with your customers.
What, then, would most people do to drive down manpower costs? The answer is simple: they outsource. Now this may be an unpopular idea depending on where you live, but that doesn't change the fact that even owners of small and medium businesses can avail of the benefits of outsourcing their service tasks - otherwise known as "back-office" work - to lower-cost locations. Reliable English-speaking service technicians in India, Russia and Eastern Europe, for example, would be able to help you save on the cost of recruiting UK-based phone or mail-in agents.
However, even if you do save on service costs, you will be putting in a considerable amount of another asset into the endeavor of outsourcing: patience and time. Just because you have found a reliable outfit overseas, it's not a given that you should sit back and let them do all the work for you! You need to be vigilant, to stay on top of all matters and to respond to all queries on the highest managerial level.
Signing up for services from countries offer more than one way to save on the costs of reseller hosting. You can also save on operational costs by getting a reseller account from a web host based in a lower-cost location. A popular server based in Ukraine, for example, would be no less or more reliable than a popular server based in the UK, if the support technicians have good credentials and an impressive track record. A UK reseller web hosting outfit need not stick to UK prices - it can make the most out of the global market!

Reasons to Go For India Reseller Web Hosting by Trevor Mulholland

Reasons to Go For India Reseller Web Hosting
by Trevor Mulholland

It's understood that most things come cheaper wholesale, but sometimes you just don't need them wholesale. Take web space, for example: you don't need to pay for a large amount of web space you won't be using up completely, especially if you can get smaller web space at cheaper rates! Price is an enormous driving factor in an industry driven by the "smaller is better" principle. India reseller web hosting is in demand precisely because of that.
We could argue that the competition for pricing is tough in every domestic market, and there are indeed a wealth of low-cost reseller vendors operating in one's own country. So what makes India reseller web hosting more attractive, price-wise? Well, there's local competition and there's global competition - and when it comes to cost, India resellers are capable of pitting their assets against other resellers.
This doesn't go for all India-based resellers, of course, but regardless of the size or cost of a reseller hosting package, you can be assured of good value. Of course, we can't discount the value of experience. Indian web hosts have been in the market long and both web hosts and resellers in India have had extensive experience dealing with an international clientele.
When it comes to quality, there's no question: Indian resellers and web hosts are able to pit their services and wares against the best of the rest of the world. Indian web technicians have had the benefit of time to acquire, integrate and learn more about foreign technology, so that their products are assuredly top-grade.
A webmaster in Delhi could boast of the same amount of experience and expertise that a webmaster in New York can. Plus, communication is hardly an issue: reputable resellers that offer their services internationally have surely made it a point to hire only capable support technicians, web marketers and customer service representatives. Many Indian support agents are more used to British spelling and pronunciation, but more and more customer relations specialists are becoming used to the nuances of American English.
If you're living in the United States, there is yet another major factor for considering Indian reseller web hosting vendors: the rupee, which is the Indian currency, is based on the US dollar. If you want to correspond with vendors who know and can appreciate the value of the US dollar, you need look no further than vendors in India!

Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Hosting Reseller by Trevor Mulholland

Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Hosting Reseller

by Trevor Mulholland

It's a given that if you're looking for a web space reseller, you'll look for an affordable hosting reseller. Practicality takes priority in every purchase, and no matter what you intend to do with your web space, or the features that come with the web space you get, cost is the first thing that you should take into consideration. Refer to the following checklist when shopping around for cheap web space:
1. How much are you ready to spend? Owning your own web space has pretty much become a fixture in the reality of modern enterprise, and if you're planning to get a host for business purposes, you'd better be ready to shell out the kind of money that will buy you the features and the quality of service that you need. A truly noteworthy affordable hosting reseller will be able to help you maximize your spending capacity.
2. What are your immediate needs? Can you cut down on a few features that may seem "cool" at the onset, but you won't really need? Browsing around mailing lists, message boards, and other online forums, you may find recommendations for features that are classified as "must-haves," but really isn't a must-have for you at all.
One example of this is multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting is the capability to host and distribute a limited (or unlimited, depending on the kind of hosting package that you get) number of domains in a single web space - for example, you can have both and in just one web account! Some resellers offer that, and it's good for people who want to maintain multiple sites, or become resellers as well.
But if you only plan to have one small website, which uses only one domain, you can significantly streamline your spendings if you seek out a reseller that doesn't offer multiple domain hosting. If you only want to host a personal web space, you may even do away with domain hosting altogether, and settle for a VERY cheap reseller who'll just let you "park" in his or her domain with only a subdomain or subfolder to your name!
3. Are there any good promos going around? Now this is something you'll have to keep your eyes out for. New reseller outfits often drive down their prices as part of a "promo" package, in order to attract new customers. A discounted shiny new one-year package, or an "early adopter" advantage, is always easy on the wallet. Some people even move from reseller to reseller as soon as the next big promo comes along - until they finally decide upon an affordable hosting reseller to stick with for the long haul.

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India Reseller Web Hosting: Lessons on Global Business by Trevor Mulholland

India Reseller Web Hosting: Lessons on Global Business
by Trevor Mulholland

If you're strapped for cash and you need a reliable web hosting expert, look overseas! Low-cost locations like Russia, India and the Philippines are often on the top of people's lists when it comes to getting quality low-cost services, and web-based services like website hosting and development are among them. But India reseller web hosting comes with its own perks!
Good help can always be found within the neighborhood... but in this electronic age, the "neighborhood" covers a lot more ground and refers to a whole lot more people than the traditional definition dictates. India reseller web hosting outfits, for example, are able to address the needs of their "neighbors" in such diverse nations as the US and the UK, without hitches and with all the expertise that could be expected from experienced hosting providers. When it comes to establishing credibility, nothing quite matches the value of experience - and Indian web-based service providers have been around for many years!
Customers - especially those who have been exposed all their lives to "home-grown" and localized marketing strategies - usually anticipate communication problems when they have to deal with service providers from another country. Among reliable providers in the global marketplace, however, this very rarely happens. As English continues to evolve into a truly universal language, it establishes itself as a favored medium of communication by clients and companies everywhere in the world. You can expect the biggest names in every industry to place great importance on their English-speaking customer relations assets.
Now web space reseller outfits, as members of the "retail" sector, subscribe to the idea that "smaller is better." Therefore, how can reseller outfits become "big names"? Well, for one thing, you don't have to be low-key even if you're selling smaller amounts of anything: with strategic marketing and making smart partnership moves, you will be able to make your business boom into something that makes deep and lasting footprints in the industry it's in!
The same principle applies to web space. India reseller web hosting outfits are sought-after precisely because the marketers know how to make an impression on the global market. They eliminate, first and foremost, any gaps in communication, so that if support is needed, they can give it (and customers can ask for it) without complications. Even if you have no plans of purchasing web space, examining the way global business works through the eyes of retail entrepreneurs from other countries should be a great educational experience.

cPanel Reseller Hosting For Both Windows and Linux Users by Trevor Mulholland

cPanel Reseller Hosting For Both Windows and Linux Users
by Trevor Mulholland

If you're buying into a reseller account that has both Windows and Linux support, you may find yourself at a loss at the sort of web panel you want installed. What kind of web panel would get the best of both worlds, so to speak, and at the same time would remain easy to use? If you're looking for flexible, easy-to-use reseller web software, try getting cPanel reseller hosting.
Ease of use is the biggest selling point of cPanel reseller hosting. In fact, cPanel has been called the "Microsoft of web panels." If we're going to ask ourselves WHY cPanel is perhaps the most popular web space administration tool out there, we'll have to ask the millions of satisfied customers who've experienced cPanel and how it makes commands easier to execute, even to brand-new, fresh-faced webmasters.
It's the graphical interface, first and foremost, that makes cPanel so much fun to play around with. And an element of playfulness is important, especially for people who are nervous about touching web space for the first time! In addition, the use of mainly icons to represent most of the features available on one's chosen web hosting package is reminiscent of the way Windows displays its many functions. And nearly every computer user in the world is familiar with Windows. In fact, an estimated 90% of all computer users in the world run Windows on their personal machines. This is counting the ones who also patronize alternative operating systems such as the Macintosh and Linux. A single personal computer can have more than one operating system (OS) installed, after all.
One more interesting thing is, cPanel is actually a Linux program. It is a proprietary software that was made specifically for large server use. You only need to license cPanel once per server, which makes cPanel a practical alternative to resellers, especially those who can appreciate the power and economy of adopting open source operating systems like Linux. And when it comes to end users, they too can appreciate the ease of use afforded by this web panel.
Let it not be said that cPanel only accommodates open-source software. This particular web management software continues to grow and gain greater flexibility. A multitude of plugins and extra features have been added to cPanel, such as Fantastico and RVSkins. And even if your end-users only have Windows machines with which to interact with your Linux servers, they can enjoy the best of both worlds with cPanel reseller hosting!

Making It Big as An Affordable Hosting Reseller by Trevor Mulholland

Making It Big as An Affordable Hosting Reseller
by Trevor Mulholland

The next step to having substantial webmastering experience is becoming a web space hosting reseller. And not just any reseller, mind, but an affordable hosting reseller. Price is the first factor that drives people to seek out resellers, although there are also a number of factors that make resellers especially attractive. The ability to provide a "personal touch" to web hosting services is among them.

Approaching web hosts directly for web space may be intimidating, especially for first-time users. Packages purchased directly from web hosts usually come across as expensive and hard to customize. A reliable, affordable hosting reseller is able to drive down the price of web hosting for users with specialized needs - and on top of that, is able to associate with them more intimately and accomplish a level of familiarity with the market that may be just be impossible for big web hosts, whose main concern is not marketing but background improvements, and buffing up the infrastructure.

Marketing is the strongest point of a reseller. You may have heard it said that you don't need to have "web savvy" or technical know-how in order to be a good reseller - this is simply not true. As with any business, you need to do your research and spend lots of time in the nitty-gritty, learning how things work on the level of the consumer.

A good webmaster is able to draw on his or her own experiences in order to enrich the experiences of his or her customers. If you've had experience buying your own reseller space for the purposes of develping an online store, for example, ask yourself: what did I end up needing from the features I was offered? What did I end up NOT needing? How can I make these features customizable for people who want to set up online stores of their own?

Experience also allows webmasters to see the trouble spots in a vendor-customer relationship. Have you tried out various webhosts, and have you been able to compare the services offered by each one? How do the tech support services compare? You must know that good tech support is the backbone of any sort of tech sales.

Best of all, experience will allow you to see how you can improve your services based on the needs of your current - and future! - clients. A top-rate and affordable hosting reseller constantly stays up to date on the latest industry developments and customer concerns.

Techies: Frustrated With the Job Market? Look Into USA Reseller Web Hosting by Trevor Mulholland

Techies: Frustrated With the Job Market? Look Into USA Reseller Web Hosting
by Trevor Mulholland

A few years ago, and in time for the US Presidential elections, the outsourcing phenomenon made the headlines of US newspapers. The outsourcing boom may have been a big issue all on its own, but it entailed many other issues, which still beg to be brought to light. More and more young people in the USA continue to be disillusioned with the job market for computer science graduates. But opportunities for young computer science graduates have not waned - in fact, they may even have undergone a boom of their own. Entrepreneurship, such as USA reseller web hosting, remains a lucrative avenue for earning for young graduates.
Understandably, young people of today tend to ask: What's in it for me? When they get jobs, or think about going into businesses, they want to know if what they're getting into will yield enough income to make the time, effort and money they have invested worth it. USA reseller web hosting may be interesting enough as a business venture, but what are its potentials for profitability and growth?
Bill Gates, the Man himself, has encouraged US computer science students to persevere in their studies, and not to lose hope in the industry. Computers will continue to play a huge part in our everyday lives in the coming years, and experts in computers and network management will be able to stay on top of the world's most vital operations.
Entrepreneurship is one of the world's most vital operations. And the growth of outsourcing opens opportunities for young entrepreneurs. If you want to get into a tech-related business, look into reseller web hosting. This is one business that allows you to make the best of the global market, and at the same time apply your knowledge of computers and the Internet in order to make your business grow!
Arguably, reseller web hosting is one of the easiest businesses to put up. You only need a large redistributable web space, and a 24-hour support staff, which may consist of just three tech-savvy people taking turns at the helm. However, the competition is stiff. It is also a business that has much potential for growth. Market your services expertly and you will never want for clients.
As the owner of a USA reseller web hosting outfit, you can find that the global job market presents an endless opportunity for profit and growth. Once you have secured the funds with your startup reseller, you can recruit service staff overseas and save considerably on operational costs!

WHM Reseller Hosting: Web Space Management Made Easy by Trevor Mulholland

WHM Reseller Hosting: Web Space Management Made Easy
by Trevor Mulholland

There aren't many web panel programs that offer the same measure of convenience and ease of use that cPanel provides. cPanel, created by, is a proprietary software that is used to launch different functions related to web space management. But cPanel can take web space management a bit further and through a function of cPanel, you can also reassign sectors of your webspace as reseller space! This is where WHM reseller hosting comes in.
Reseller hosting is hot, and will always be hot, because it drives down the price of web space for the individual buyer. There are many ways to earn by reselling web space... some vendors would go into contracts with web hosts to market their packages in exchange for a commission. Many vendors, however, opt to buy large amounts of web space and then redistribute it to interested buyers. Redistributing web space could be tricky, so it's definitely an advantage for a reseller to be tech-savvy. But tech-savvy or not, a vendor can avail of user-friendly tools for proper web space redistribution - and because of this, every vendor should look into WHM reseller hosting.
Using the WHM (web host manager) is a more streamlined - one could even say an easier - way to redistribute web space. It often comes bundled in with the cPanel program, so that when you use WHM to distribute web space to different users, all of these users will have their own unique cPanel interface.
As the name suggests, cPanel is a control panel program that allows a user to modify the contents of his or her web space. Through this software, a user can create domains and subdomains, set email addresses, create FTP accounts for other users, and many other functions. The web features that each user has access to would depend on the kind of account that the reseller vendor has assigned to this user. This is where WHM comes in.
Any regular webmaster with cPanel access can become a reseller, as long as he or she has access to the WHM. This is why ordinary end-users - that is, the people who buy space from reseller space vendors - are not able to create their own WHM reseller hosting accounts. The privilege and the responsibility to create end user accounts only falls on the shoulders of the reseller vendor. If you're a first-time reseller vendor, this is one program that would guide you through your first steps into the industry.

Creating "Sub-Resellers" With WHM Reseller Hosting by Trevor Mulholland

Creating "Sub-Resellers" With WHM Reseller Hosting
by Trevor Mulholland

Smart resellers know how to make the most of their web space, and to sell it in a way that attracts all kinds of people who may be interested. If you are a reseller, you will want to attract "sub-resellers," and you can do this if you have sufficient command over the features that come with WHM reseller hosting.
WHM reseller hosting is a kind of hosting account that can only be purchased by resellers directly from a web host. WHM stands for "web host management," which in itself should describe its purpose. It is installed in a web host, usually along with cPanel, which is a web panel software which is actually another bestseller of the company that created WHM:
While it makes sense for a reseller to target only a specific sector - individual users who want to make personal websites, or small business entrepreneurs who want to put up small online stores - a service provider who aspires to become truly successful would know that branching out is essential to the growth of a business. And to branch out efficiently, one needs to be able to market one's services efficiently. After all reseller vendors are, first and foremost, marketers of web space that they do not personally own - therefore markting skills are paramount.
But on top of being marketing professionals, resellers are often service providers, too. Smart resellers take it upon themselves to handle the customer relations end of the web host distribution business, and take care of their customers' needs. Now - in case a customer wants to be able to "resell" web space at a truly optimum cost, a reseller should be able to acknowledge this as an open market, because there is a wealth of customers out there who want to be able to earn from their purchased web spaces at all, by any way possible!
And above all else, a reseller should not view these "sub-resellers" as competition. Sub-resellers serve to address the needs of other interested web space buyers, while shouldering the cost of maintaining the web space they redistribute! Quite like the reseller does, they sell web space at a profit, while shouldering the agreed-upon retail cost of the web space they already enjoy.
At any rate, "sub-resellers" are not competition to legitimate reseller vendors on the strictest sense. WHM reseller hosting is only available to first-level resellers... which means "sub-resellers" will have to create user accounts only through the cPanel. WHM allows first-level reseller vendors to create user accounts for sub-resellers, and sub-resellers can only make user accounts for other people who need to "squat" in their web space. Further sub-levels of user accounts may not be generated.

Selling WHM Reseller Hosting to Vendors by Trevor Mulholland

Selling WHM Reseller Hosting to Vendors
by Trevor Mulholland

Say you're a web host who just bought a dedicated server. Say you've decided to offer your space to resellers - that is, people who buy large amounts of web space with the explicit intent to resell them. If you want to attract resellers, you may wish to offer a web space management software that they are already familiar with, and WHM reseller hosting is one of the features you could safely put at the forefront of your marketing campaigns.
There are many good options for web space management software, but WHM is definitely among the most popular. Offering WHM reseller hosting accounts is arguably tantamount to offering a premium hosting account. Many resellers seek the ease of use and user-friendliness afforded by the WHM - or the very simply and aptly named Web Host Management software - in creating user accounts for their reseller space.
Now just in case your target resellers don't have the faintest idea what WHM is, you must be able to present a primer on the virtues of this particular software. If possible, have a demo of the WHM on your site - or, if you plan to meet with resellers in person, prepare to demonstrate how easy it is to use WHM to create and manage user accounts.
What exactly is WHM, in the first place? Well, for starters, it's a web space management program created by This company also created another popular proprietary software: cPanel. This is one of the most popular - if not THE most popular - web panel programs out there. It is so much in demand, and so available in the market, that if you happen to be looking around for web space for your individual use, chances are you the web host you'll end up recruiting because of the prices and excellent support it promises offers cPanel functions.
Because made both cPanel and WHM, WHM is usually bundled in with cPanel when it is marketed to web hosts. And cPanel has been specifically designed for use by a web host, which is why it has no lower-cost license for individual personal use. When you buy a server and want a cPanel license, you only have to pay the license once per server, not once per domain created within the server. This makes cPanel exceptionally practical for web hosts that need to start off small.
And since WHM comes bundled in with a server installation of cPanel, it is practical for web hosts to include WHM reseller hosting in their list of assets as well. Marketing the virtues of cPanel and WHM to resellers ought ot be easy for you once you've tried out these programs yourself, as a web host.

cPanel Reseller Hosting: Popular and Practical by Trevor Mulholland

cPanel Reseller Hosting: Popular and Practical
by Trevor Mulholland

People who are new to reselling or buying web space may find themselves asking: Why is cPanel reseller hosting so popular? There's got to be a reason why of all the web management programs in the market, cPanel is the one that has managed to gain the most coverage. It may as well have its own fan club among dedicated cPanel enthusiasts!
As a matter of fact, a person who's new to the concept of buying and selling web space may think there's only one kind of web hosting reseller available - the cPanel reseller hosting account. That's how popular cPanel hosting has become over time. This is not to say that cPanel has cornered a monopoly, certainly nothing that extreme! But when you buy a small amount of web space for the first time, chances are you'll end up with a cPanel account; that is how popular it is.
This just means more web hosts install cPanel by choice. As website management software, cPanel is certainly quite versatile, able to operate smoothly with a variety of features. Over time many features have been added to the basic cPanel bundle... and more and more features are still being added. The development of this program has proven to be continuous: a plus when you consider the dynamic nature of web programming. The latest build of cPanel can be expected to comply with the most up-to-date standards of excellence in the web hosting industry.
This software is proprietary, which means it requires licensing before it can be used. But you only need to pay once for a cPanel license per server, which makes it a truly economical choice for many web hosts. The program was originally intended to be used by web hosts, so if an individual - or a reseller - would like to purchase a license, there are no provisions in the pricing for personal use. However, charities and educational institutions may formally write the creators of the software at, requesting for a free license.
If you're the kind of person who automatically shies away from what's "in" or "hot," thinking it's overrated, you may be missing out on a lot by not giving cPanel reseller hosting a go. There's a "people's choice" award for various things for a reason, and that's because the choice of the masses deserves acclaim. Given the status of cPanel as a "people's choice awardee," it would be a great place to start your research.

Reseller Web Hosting by zFroggy

Reseller Web Hosting
by zFroggy

As the internet continues to expand and grow on a daily basis, the need for high quality web hosting providers becomes a major issue for anyone who wants to have a presence on the internet with a web site.
When you have a web site, you need a decent web hosting company that will host your site for you. Well, people who want to make a lucrative income are venturing into the realm of reseller web hosting.
If you become involved in reseller web hosting, you don't need any expertise or knowledge of web hosting in order to get started. If you purchase your reseller hosting through a good hosting company, they will be responsible for maintaining the servers. Thus, if a problem arises, they have computer techs on staff who can resolve the problem.
As a reseller of web hosting services, you will purchase the hosting from an existing web hosting provider and then resell it under your company name. The greatest advantage of being a reseller is the fact that you will keep 100% of the profits that you generate from your own web hosting company.
The hosting companies already have everything in place and you don't have to worry about setting up a building with computers and servers in order to run your new reseller business. As a result, you can focus on your promoting your new web hosting company and concentrate on collecting all of your profits.
There are numerous hosting companies that offer reseller web hosting. However, there is one company that is #1 on the list for reseller hosting. This company is called Host Gator and they offer a great package for anyone interested in becoming their own web host. With their plan, you will get the great advantage of hosting unlimited websites.
Host Gator also offers free pre-made web site templates so that you can have your own web site on the internet today. In addition, they also offer a free merchant account that is a major factor for any online entrepreneur.
Host Gator is one company that has received excellent feedback from their customers on a consistent basis in the online forums across the internet.
Easy CGI and Lunar Pages also offer very affordable reseller web hosting packages.
As the internet continues to expand, the need for quality hosting is critical. Reseller web hosting is an excellent way fro anyone to make a great income as an online entrepreneur. Some people have started part time and then move into a full time status once their new hosting service skyrockets in profits.
If you are willing to invest the time in your own reseller web hosting business, the financial rewards will be tremendous.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Web Hosting Service Provider by Nik

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Web Hosting Service Provider
by Nik

Web hosting service provider should be reliable, cheap and provide all the services a webmaster wants. Web hosting provider must qualify certain attributes to be chosen as a service provider and they are:
1. Must provide enough Disk-space.
Web hosting service provider must provide at-least 2GB of web space since your business is going to expand in future. After your business grows and you find that the space provided by hosting provider is less and you need to shift to another web hosting provider is quite frustrating and time consuming job.
2. Must provide unlimited services like email accounts, bandwidth, database space and others.
If you are starting with an online business than bandwidth factor is quite important since if your business grows and the amount of visitors also grows can affect the bandwidth factor and if the bandwidth provided exceeds the limit it will cost you more. So more the bandwidth the better it is. The email accounts service should be unlimited since you have to provide various email accounts for various purposes of your business.As your business will grow, the more customer information you have to store which in-turn will grow your database, so unlimited database space is important.
3. Payment of Web Hosting service should be yearly or lifetime.
Payment scheme should be chosen either for yearly or lifetime, since once you have paid for lifetime you won't have any problem if your service provider changes any payment scheme or bring any new clause. Otherwise if you pay as per monthly scheme than if any clause gets changed you have to follow that clause.
4. Must provide have 24/7 technical support.
Your web hosting service provider must provide the technical support all the time, since if any problem occurs you can contact them and get instantly solved. Otherwise it might affect your business.
5. Must offer 99.99% uptime.
Your website must be 99.99% time up otherwise it will adversely affect your business. If your customer wants some information about your product and your site is not up and working than customer will turn to another company and you will loose your customer

How to Choose a Web Hosting Plan for E-commerce Websites by Natalie Aranda

How to Choose a Web Hosting Plan for E-commerce Websites
by Natalie Aranda

The requirements for E-commerce websites are determined by the characteristics of online operations and the need for conducting transaction online. An e-commerce hosting plan you choose should have the flexibility for customization, the capacity for handling the web traffic, and the functionality of online shopping cart for online catalog and online payment processing.
Online Operation and Hosting Capacity
An e-commerce website should be running smoothly in order for customers to make purchase. There're many things to consider while investigating the hosting capacity for your site: 1) What are the preferred programming languages for your developers? Once you've picked up the programming languages for your Web development, you still have freedom to choose the operating system that hosts your Websites. 2) What is the preferred hosting platform? Is it hosted on Unix, Windows or Linux? The decision depends on whether you want to use, install or migrate certain applications. For instance, if you plan to run SendMail, an email program, you won't get this on Windows. If your custom applications are developed in ASP scripting language, you can't run them on Unix. Besides ASP which works only on Microsoft Windows, PHP, JSP and PERL work on Windows, Unix and Linux. 3) Do you need shared hosting, managed hosting, dedicated Servers, or Virtual Private Servers (VPS)? Shared hosting is the cheapest plan, and you can host as many sites as you like with a Reseller Hosting option. VPS costs around $50 a month, and Dedicated Server plan will cost from $50 - $100 or more a month dependent on storage space and bandwidth of the hosting plan. 4) How much storage space do you want and how much bandwidth do you need? If your site offers custom business cards with lot of templates online, chances are you'll need lot of hard disk space for storing those business card templates, and lot of bandwidth as well There're tens of thousands of people searching for "business cards" online. On the other hand, if your site offers manufacturing of smart cards or membership cards, you'll need lot of storage to host the graphic templates, but you won't really need a huge bandwidth since the number of people searching for "smart cards", or "membership cards" is less than 5% of that searching for "business cards".
E-commerce Hosting Features
To evaluate e-commerce web hosting plans, first of all, you'll need to find out a list of plans that meet the needs of the functionality, then do price comparison for each plan. The comparison of functionality is often straight forward, and the comparison of cost for different e-commerce hosting solutions are dependent on both the setup fees and your transaction volume. Different hosting plans may have different free structures. Online shopping carts offer users the ability to search the products by keywords, price etc., which is a huge advantage over catalogue printing on papers. For a turnkey commerce solution, EBay Stores, Yahoo! Store and Microsoft bCentral are the most popular ones for small businesses.
To compare e-commerce functionality, the questions to ask include: 1) Whether a shopping cart accepts online check or eCheck beside support on online credit card and paypal for payment options? Whether the payment processor handle transaction in a particular country? For instance, you can't accept from and or send money to Romania with paypal, but you can do that with 2checkout. 2) Whether there's a limit on the number of products and categories that you can setup? 3) Whether it automatically sends out an email notification once an order is placed successfully?
For comparing the cost of e-commerce hosting plans, the questions to investigate include: 1) What's the basic monthly subscription fee? 2) Whether there's a setup fee for a new online store? 3) Whether you have to pay for the addition of new items to the product catalog? 4) How much it charges for each transaction? High volume sites may prefer the plans that charge a higher monthly-fee but a lower fee on each transaction, while low volume sites work better with hosting plans that charge zero or low monthly fee and initial setup fees but a slightly higher fee on each transaction.
The website is the virtual storefront for your e-commerce operation. A thorough and careful evaluation of e-commerce hosting plans is a part of ingredients to your e-commerce success.

Location, Location, Location - Is Your Site Located Where Your Customers Are? by Ben Kemp

Location, Location, Location - Is Your Site Located Where Your Customers Are?
by Ben Kemp

Another thing the web hosting company forgot to tell you... An aspect overlooked by many site owners, and one that gets minimal coverage in web design or SEO articles etc, is the importance of server location to your site rankings, traffic and consequent success. Most articles are written by web design & SEO practitioners in the USA, and are therefore written from "The Inside, Looking Out." However, if you happen to be like many site owners in the world, "On The Outside, Looking In," the view is slightly different!

Location, Localisation & SEO The problem here is the "decentralisation" of search - the way in which the major search engines have split their indexes up into country-specific search opportunities. Google (and other SE's) know where you are because of the IP address allocated to your PC. They know this because IP addresses are allocated in numeric blocks or ranges, by country. There are significant impacts on both searchers, and on businesses, of this search decentralisation process. This is both a blessing and a curse, depending on where you are, where your site is, what you offer, where your customers are, and whether you are a searcher, or a site owner.

Location & Searchers For a searcher in United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, you will have noticed a while back that your Google sessions automatically default to,, or, depending on the respective country in which you reside. Searchers in the USA are blissfully unaware of this phenomenon... The results of your search will also be biased towards sites physically located within your geographic area. Therefore, if you were to do the same search on the different country-specific versions of Google, you would usually get different results - sometimes substantially different, depending on the competitiveness of the particular search within those countries, and globally.

Location, Site Owners & SEO For a business located in the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, you are effectively competing on far more even terms with sites from your own geographic "web space" than previously. However, if you have a focus on delivering products or services within your own specific geographic region, its essential that your site's IP address be within the specific Country's IP Address Range. This means that your site should be physically located in a server in the UK, AU or NZ web space. If you've opted for cheap hosting on a server located in the USA, or Asia etc, you have effectively shot yourself in the foot, and severely prejudiced your chances of attaining top search engine rankings in your preferred web space.

Conversely, for a business located in the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, with a focus on delivering products or services in another specific geographic region, you should have your web site physically located on a server in that country to gain the most traction in your search engine rankings. In so doing, you should also ensure that your offshore site adheres to local language conventions, spellings and usage. E.g. if you are selling paint into the USA, you should use the Americanized "color" and not the Queens English "colour" as would be done in the UK or NZ.

How to Win The Global Localisation Game If you are a business who has a significant actual or potential client base in more than one country, it makes sound business sense to also register under and the other country variants you might require. You can then build a global network of mini-sites customised specifically for those markets. By careful linking between those sites, and making them complementary by ensuring that the content is not simply duplicated (and therefore in breach of Google's Webmaster Guidelines) you should be able to generate significant additional traffic and business.

Host Gator Web Hosting by zFroggy

Host Gator Web Hosting
by zFroggy

Host Gator is one web hosting company that stands above their competition. Host Gator continues to receive extremely positive feedback in the online forums across the internet from current customers. One of the main forums is This is a major accomplishment for any web hosting company to receive because these customer reviews are completely voluntary.
There are very few hosting companies that continue to receive positive reviews from their current customers. However, Host Gator continues to surpass their competitors.Host Gator Top Awards
Host Gator has also received numerous awards including Best Overall Web Hosting Company from Webhost Magazine and Buyer's Guide has given Host Gator the Highest Level of Recommendation. Host Gator has also received other recognition including: Top Pick for Best Reseller Hosting, Top 10 Web Host, Top 25 Host, and the Editor's Choice award from Find my Host.Host Gator Support
When you need a hosting company that you can rely upon, it is important that you are able to reach them. Well, Host Gator has 24/7 support and can be reached via online chat, a toll free number, and a ticket system. One test of a true company is to check them out at different hours to see if you get a response. When we attempted to contact Host Gator during late night hours, we received a prompt response from an employee who was very knowledgeable and helpful. In addition, they wanted to ensure that all of our questions were answered before they let us go. This is truly amazing and makes their customer service stand at the top.
Host Gator Features
Host Gator offers very affordable web hosting packages. They have all the features that you would need in a great hosting company: MySQL Databases, CGI, PHP4 or 5, PERL, Chilisoft ASP, Python, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, CURL, GD, Image Magick, Streaming Audio/Video, POP3 Accounts, Web Mail, E-Mail Alias, Autoresponders, Mailing Lists, etc. Their packages also include Web/FTP Statistics and extensive e-Commerce Features.Host Gator Control Panel
Host Gator has probably the friendliest control panel on the market, CPANEL10, and you have over 52 scripts that can be installed with the click of your mouse. It couldn't be any easier than that.Host Gator Reseller Web Hosting
With Host Gator's Reseller Hosting, you get the ability to host unlimited sites. You can create your own packages and prices. Thus, this gives you the option of acting as your own independent hosting company. Your customers won't even know that you are reselling this plan. With this plan, you will get a free billing manager, free merchant account and free hosting templates. The hosting templates give you the option of just adding your name so that you can be up and running today. As a result, your customers can signup from your website, pay you instantly and have their account created within minutes. You can keep 100% of the profits.
You will also receive a free eNom domain reseller account. Host Gator offers affordable rates for their reseller web hosting.
Host Gator stands behind their packages and offers a 30 day money back guarantee...

Web Hosting, Domains, Traffic, Online Business by Gerald Greene

Web Hosting, Domains, Traffic, Online Business
by Gerald Greene

While the devil is in the details as the old saying goes, every Internet business developer knows that webhosting, a domain name, and web traffic are essential for online business.
Fortunately, these days quality webhosting and domain name registration are available at very reasonable cost. While it is extremely important to chose a web hosting firm that will be around for the long haul and that offers web hosting services that are very close to 100% reliable, it is no longer necessary to pay big bucks each month for quality service.
There are quite a number of firms that offer shared server accounts that offer unlimited hosting accounts for as little as $10 a month. That is a tremendous savings over the rates of a few years ago where you would have expected to pay around $25 a month per domain.
This is not stripped down service either. For your $10 a month you get full featured and easy to use control panels that even a compete novice will quickly learn to use.
There is another happy story when it comes to domain names. A little searching on the Internet will turn up a good number of domain registration firms that sale domain names for as little as $5.00 to $10.00 a year. When looking to purchase a domain name one should consider the ease of use of the management console.
If at all in doubt purchase just one name to get started and check out the back office before purchasing another. Some firms have much better organized management tools compared to others so a little caution can save you time and trouble later on.
Traffic is the third and probably most misunderstood essential. The quality of traffic can very tremendously. Your traffic must be quality traffic comprised of folks that are actually looking for whatever it is that you are marketing. Traffic that comes from traffic exchanges, or traffic brokers is usually not quality traffic.
Traffic that is generated by "freebies" and incentives is not usually going to be quality traffic. A lot of traffic and no sales is an extremely frustrating and losing proposition.
Quality traffic comes from having good information on your web pages. Content is truly KING but it must be content that offers useful information to those who visit your web pages. If you have quality on topic information and use on topic key words wisely within your content traffic will develop.
However, you must be prepared for a long term effort to develop a successful web business. It takes time for the search engines to index your important pages and you must always be working to improve your content and pages. Search engines do not favor "dead" web pages so fresh content is important.
There really is no such thing as legal fast money on the Internet. You must have quality webhosting, your own domain name, quality traffic, and orginal content to make a go of it. Again, I stress that quality traffic means a flow of folks who have an interest in your products and/or services, not just a traffic count that may be high but is composed of only causal surfers looking for freebies.
A relatively small number of folks who will purchase your items provided your website makes a clear presentation as to why you offer a solution to their problem, and who trust your site to be an honest one, is far more likely to produce a successful business than if you bring loads of untargeted traffic to your web site.
You can generate such traffic by using PPC advertising and by having quality content on your website.
Making a good living from an online business is not easy as some less than honest Internet "experts" proclaim but developing a niche market and serving that market well can be very profitable and worth the effort.

Are you the Winner, That we are looking for ? by Allen Williams

Are you the Winner, That we are looking for ?
by Allen Williams

The Best Way To Generate Free Targeted Website Traffic
If you have a website or you promote someone else's' website as an affiliate, you need to drive traffic to it.
Without traffic, you won't get visitors. And without visitors, you won't make money, sales, get subscribers, etc. What good is a website without any traffic? And if the site is getting traffic, what good is it if it's not targeted traffic?
There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, both free and paid. But we are not going to talk about paid traffic right now. That is a totally different topic and could take hours to cover.
So, back to free traffic. Some ways of getting free traffic to your site is by Search Engine Optimization, surfing for traffic, or getting it passively.
SEO takes time and a lot of work. When you join sites that are surf for traffic sites, you have to look at other members' sites in order to earn advertising credits for your site to be displayed when another member is surfing.
The only problem with this is that although the traffic is free, it is not targeted. Everyone who is a member only surfs for the credit and very rarely even looks at the site, they just minimize their window on their PC and multi-task. So, the traffic is crap and worthless.
Now, let's talk about the best way to get free targeted traffic. It's called Instant Buzz. Instant Buzz is a service that gives you advertising credits as you surf the web like you normally would. What you do is download the toolbar for free, it only takes a minute. Then, you set up your ads in the members area. And bam, you ads are being displayed on other members' tool bars as they surf.
You can also put Instant Buzz ads in emails that you send to your friends. These are called mail space ads. And your ad will get displayed in other members' emails. The last thing you can do is put a hyperspace ad on your website which will help you refer other members.
When you refer other members, you will also get a percentage of the credits they earn which will go towards your ad credits.
If someone likes your ad and is interested in what it says, then they click on it and end up on whatever site it was that you were promoting. Now that's targeted traffic! And it was free.
So make sure you visit the link in the resource box to start driving targeted and quality traffic to your website today. It will only take you a couple of minutes to start bringing visitors to your site.
Resource Box Text: To download this free tool or get more information about Instant Buzz, visit

9 Tips to Choose Great Domain Names for Your Business by Julian Johnson

9 Tips to Choose Great Domain Names for Your Business
by Julian Johnson

9 Tips to choose a great domain name for your business

Tip #1: Always use your business name as the domain name. Your visitors should have only one name to remember your business - be it your business or your domain name.

Tip #2: Your domain name should be short and/or easy to remember. The limit is 67 characters. Domain names that are short and easy to remember names make it easier for your visitors to visit you repeatedly.

Tip #3: In addition to Tip #2, avoid using more than 4 words in your domain name. For example, avoid It is both difficult to remember and type. Having said so, it is increasing difficult to buy short domain names.

Tip #4: On top of registering a domain using your business name, register another domain name that is related to your business sector: For example, register and register You can point both domain names to the same website. Use popular keywords when you do this.

Tip #5: If you have a domain name that is easily misspelled, you should also register the misspelled domain name. Why would you want to do this? Simple, your visitor will still get to you when they misspelled your domain name.

Tip #6: If you need to use abbreviations, use only those that made sense and/or easy to remember. For example, instead of using, it might be easier to use

Tip #7: Avoid using hyphenated domain names. The advantage of hyphenated domain names is that it is easier to spot when printed. For example: is easier to read as compared to The downside is when the domain name is communicated verbally. To really make sure the person you talk to get to your website, you have to pronounce it as "www dot institute hyphen of hyphen mental hyphen health dot com" as compared to pronouncing it "www dot institute of mental health dot com". It is such a pain.

Tip #8: Avoid using "to" or "for" in your domain name. It can be confusing as your visitors may type "2" or "4" instead.

Tip #9: Avoid using numbers in your domain name. Similar to Tip #6, your visitors may type in the number in full instead of using the numeric key.

Here's a great place you can visit if you are interested to setup your domain name. It is free if you host your website with them. Visit

7 Things to know about Web Hosting by Julian Johnson

7 Things to know about Web Hosting
by Julian Johnson

1. How many sites can you host with a single account?
This is useful when you own more than 1 domain name. Depending on the service provider, you can host more than 1 websites using the single account you have with your service provider.
2. Storage Space
It is important to know how much space you are paying for. The movies, images and text you place in your website takes up space. Movies and images takes up more space than text. If you are going to have a website with lots of movies, video clips, pictures and banners, having a larger storage space is advisable.
3. Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the amount of resources needed to process a request when someone visits your website. The more popular your website is and the more people who visits your website, you need a higher bandwidth.
4. Up-Time
The amount of time (in terms of percentage) you website is up and running is known as Up-time. Despite technological advances, machines are still machines and breakdowns are inevitable. The usual up-time commitment is 99.5% or higher. Avoid any web hosting service providers that offer lesser than 99.5% or did not state their up-time.
5. Mail Forwarding Accounts And Email Autoresponders
The ability to forward your email from your hosted website to somewhere will help you greatly if you have multiple websites to manage. You can then forward the emails from different website to your single email account. Otherwise, you will have to open the emails at each website individually. Email Autoresponders is a good feature to have your pre-crafted message sent to the people who emailed you. Most autoresponders reply to the senders immediately and automatically.
6. Visitor Statistics
This is an important feature that tells you how many visitors have visited your website. You can use the feature to fine-tune your website accordingly. The more details you get, the more you understand about visitor behaviours.
7. Technical Support
Finally, break fixes are always needed. Make sure you have someone to call or email when need arises.
Here's a great place you can visit if you are interested to host your website. Visit

A cost effective and reliable Website hosting deal in London, UK by Vishwa Deep

A cost effective and reliable Website hosting deal in London, UK
by Vishwa Deep

Based in London, UK, Oliveglobal boasts an expert team of Internet business consultants, designers, content writers, SEO specialists, project managers, programmers, Web hosting and IT managers. Oliveglobal in London, UK, offers premium Web hosting services that are totally secure, extremely reliable and completely scalable, besides being cheap and affordable. With features analogous to the more expensive Web hosting packages, Oliveglobal in Cardiff, UK, has transfigured the website hosting industry by providing the most cost effective and cheap Web hosting solutions for your website hosting needs. Olive's full-service Web hosting division is one of the most advantageous Web hosting platforms in UK where state-of-the-art infrastructure meets the most crucial requirements for Web based enhancements that your enterprise cannot do without. Furthermore, they offer cheap/cost-effective Web hosting solutions, while combining high-level expertise with value-added services to propel your business to easy upgrade paths. Olive provides managed dedicated and shared Web hosting services and solutions that are both cheap and completely customised to meet your specific needs. Olive Web Hosting offers a comprehensive range of utility-based and feature-rich Web hosting plans which will help businesses gain the market advantage through enhanced performance and steady growth. From basic Web hosting packages to advanced Web hosting solutions and a suite of additional Web hosting services - Olive's cheap yet full-featured Web hosting plans ensure customised options and increased flexibility. So, why pay more for Web hosting while you can have a cheap web hosting package with all the complete features of Web hosting. Contact Olive Web Hosting in Briston, UK, to find a Web hosting solution just right for you. For further information about Web site hosting, browse,

E-Commerce Web Hosting by Compare Webhosts

E-Commerce Web Hosting

by Compare Webhosts

Have you decided to enroll online business? You should give priority to E-commerce Web Hosting for your siteE-commerce or electronic commerce is the name defined as the act of conducting sale and purchase of goods over the Internet. E-commerce Web Hosting has numerous plans which will reliably support your online business site. When your site is up running you have to look into increasing your profits, basic ingredients is to organize an e-commerce web hosting. In today's fast-paced world of business, companies from small to large companies require the flexibility, security, high-performance and reliability of market-leading, here raises the need for E-commerce web hosting. E-commerce web hosting can access your current technology and company style and suggest a web site solution that will work and scale. E-commerce Web Hosting service helps in the transaction to both the buyer and the seller in online business. E-commerce web hosting packages includes everything you need to be consecutive in online business. E-commerce web hosting may be of interest not only to Web developers, but also to any other business people who need to bone up on electronic commerce, particularly those in the finance or retail fields. Some of general Web Site Hosting packages are not only affordable but also offer a lot of other web tools to greatly improve the working of your website. E-commerce Web Hosting plays a most important roll of your online business. Whether your clarification engross an extensive online catalogue of commodities having search capabilities or just the ability to process credit card transactions in real-time, here the E-commerce Web Hosting assist precisely.

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name by Julian Johnson

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name

by Julian Johnson

Do you really need to have your own domain name? Why is it not advisable to use free web hosting services for your online business?
First of all, assuming your business name is mystore, Which domain name would you prefer: or Alternatively, some other free hosting websites gives you sub-domains like Which one sounds more professional and looks more credible?
Having your own domain name is like having your own brand. Do you want to ride upon someone else's name? When you have a domain name of your own, it also gives the impression that your company is comparitively more established and more credible. In addition, one look at it, people can tell that you are using a free service.
When you communicate your website to your prospective customers, it would be more lengthy if you use the services of a free web hosting site. See examples above.
Free website services also do not provide you many email accounts. Most of them only provide you ONE email account. Having a few email accounts allows you the flexibility to segregate your functions such as Enquiries, Sales, Admin, Support, etc. It makes it easier for you to address the emails sent by your customers. At the same time, it gives the impression that they are dealing with a large company.
Whenever you use a free website service, the service provider have the rights to insert their advertisements into your websites. Their advertisements can be in the form of banner, pop-ups or pop-unders. You certainly do not want these advertisements to distract the attention of your visitors.
In terms of search engine's page ranking, the keyword in the homepage (index) of a domain is ranked higher than any other pages. Therefore, if you are a subdomain or a sub-page under a free hosting website, it is difficult to make your page ranking to the top. Everyone knows how important it is to be ranked top, just imagine the amount of web traffics you have potentially missed out.
Benfits of your own domain name:
1. Build your own brand and credibility
2. Make it easier to communicate to your prospective customers
3. Offer you the capability to segregate your business functions by using more than 1 email account
4. Elimiate advertisement distractions from the free hosting website
5. Drive web traffic to your website and increase your page rank.
Although free hosting sounds attractive, just look at the benefits that you stand to lose. The small fee you pay every month or every year is really worth the value.
Here's a great place you can visit if you are interested to host your website. Visit

Web Hosting Services - What To Look For In A Host by Shai Lagrosa

Web Hosting Services - What To Look For In A Host

by Shai Lagrosa

I've had dozens of websites hosted with different web hosting companies all over the web for last five years, and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in a lot of them. Suffice to say, I believe that I'm a good judge of what to look for when searching for a server to host your websites on.

1. Reliability - The number one criteria that a great website hosting company must have is reliability. Bottomline, your website must be accessible on the internet 99.99% of the time. I've seen hosting companies that delivered terrible results on this particular criteria. One host I had had my websites down for 12 hours while I was on vacation, and guess how many dollars I made during that particular down-time? Zero, zilch, nada!

2. Customer Service - When you need something done on your host server, does your web hosting company respond in a timely and courteous manner? Nothing gets me more mad than a web hosting company that ignores my questions for days at a time.

3. Accessibility - Does your host offer a control panel where you can easily manipulate your website? This is particularly important if you don't want to waste a lot of time maintaining your web pages. If your website has a back-end database, a web-based control panel to manipulate the database is a major plus. Allowing you to change security settings on a file-by-file level is also important. The ability to create subdomains is also a benefit.

4. Affordability - Because of the competition in the web hosting industry, web hosting fees have gone steadily down in the past five years, so this criteria isn't as important today as it was a few years back. Still, there are web hosting companies out there that offer their services dirt cheap, and there are those that charge a premium. The trick is to find the balance between affordability and the other factors mentioned above.

So, now that you know about what to look for in a web hosting company, go get your website up and running!

Things To Consider Before Changing Hosting by Fei Lim

Things To Consider Before Changing Hosting

by Fei Lim

You might have started out with a particular web hosting service provider and things were working fine for sometime. But, now your website has become a lot more popular that it is receiving a large number of visitors per minute, to an extent that the present server in which the web pages are hosted is not able to withstand the burgeoning traffic. Such a chance is higher, if you have hosted your website for free. When the current host is not able to meet the growing demands of bandwidth and storage, it is time to look for a more robust service provider. But, how to find one who exactly meets the requirements of your website, from the thousands of web hosting service providers available in the country and abroad?
Well, there are no hard and fast rules to it, but with the application of some simple thought and common sense, you could discern the ideal web hosting service provider from a lesser one. The following steps would help you to do so.
First, see if the web hosting service provider offers the required bandwidth and enough storage for all the required files associated with your website. This is very crucial, especially if your website has a higher prospect to grow further in the coming months or so. It is not that easy a job to change web hosts often.
Secondly, check out if the web host server is running in Windows or UNIX. When you host your website in the new server, if the files end up not compatible with the hosting software, then there is no point in the whole exercise. For example, if your webpage has Microsoft FrontPage extensions, it is of no use if the web hosting server does not offer Microsoft FrontPage compatibility. Remember, adaptability is of prime importance when it comes to efficient web hosting.
In an ideal scenario, a person browsing the website must not get an inkling that something has changed in the background. That is, the website, even after having hosted to a new server, must be able to provide the same level of features it used to offer earlier. In order to ensure that, while changing the web hosting service provider, make sure that the new one also offers the same features that the old host had been offering (such as auto responders and mail forwarding).
Avoid shared servers as much as possible. Even if you go for a shared server, checkout to see that it does not have any adult sites hosted in it. In busy hours, it could cause other websites to slow down considerably.
Finally, checkout various forums and review websites of existing users and see their opinion on the new web hosting service provider. Such resources provide a near perfect customer perception about the given service providers.
Once you have selected a web hosting service provider and hosted the website, don't detach yourself from the old host in one go. It is important to backup your website from the old host by a redirecting page to the new server for the first 48 hours at least. This design will ensure that the netizens will be able to view your new website even if its IP address has not propagated yet. It takes about two days for a website to get listed in most of the domain servers in the web.
About The Author Fei Lim is the manager of Flizard Technologies which provides web hosting services, sells domain names, and designs websites for personal and businesess. Fei Lim may be contacted at

Web Hosting Providers - The Big Difference by Arpad Domonkos

I have some domains and I have some friends using different web hosting providers. If you want to host more than ONE web site on the same hosting account you will need some more extra hosting feature what IX Web Hosting provider can give you without extra charges.
If you aren't totally new to the field of web sites and Internet marketing you know the advantages of unique IP addresses. Most of the Web Hosting Providers do not offer unique IPs without extra fee. I have a web hosting account at Hostgator they are good and I can host 999 domains on ONE hosting account for $9.95 per month, this is a good feature. But I asked them for unique IP address and they said pay $2 per month for each of your domain. And I have to upgrade my $9.95 account to a $25 per month reseller account for this move.
Just calculate the web hosting costs. You have 8 domains on ONE account and pay $ 6.45 for a month if you pay 2 years in advance and you get 8 unique IP addresses for this pocket money, this is IX web hosting provider!
Or you pay $25 for the reseller account and $2 X 8 domain for the unique IPs. This is $ 41. Huge difference in the hosting fee and you have almost the same.
If you do not need unique IP addresses but need to host 999 domains on one account for a $ 9.95 monthly fee this is an absolute bargain. The important thing is when you choose a web hosting provider company what is your need and more important what WILL your need be in the future.
If you want tons of Google AdSense sites and do not want to link them together chose Host Gator Web Hosting provider. If you want only 8 or max 12 domains and quality sites and link them together you will need unique IP addresses for this and the best choice is IX Web Hosting!