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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Unmetered Web Hosting by Natalie Wilkins

Unmetered Web Hosting
by Natalie Wilkins

The World Wide Web is perhaps one of the most dynamic business environments today. In such an environment, you can never be 100% certain as to what your requirements are when it comes to your websites web-hosting needs. Your website (or websites!) may grow and expand. As a result of this you will require more disk space and larger amounts of bandwidth. You may also require a greater number of MySQL databases and email accounts. If you have a simple content-driven website then it may not grow as it isn't dynamic. It is there as an informative resource and therefore will not change or grow. However, even with this type of website, the problem with a limited web host is that an extremely large influx of traffic may use all your available bandwidth thus rendering your site unavailable. An unmetered web host will ensure that your site is always available regardless of the amount of traffic it is receiving.
There is really only one viable option when choosing your web hosting solution and that is one that offers unmetered resources such as bandwidth and storage space. The best possible web hosting solution would provide unmetered services that include:
Data Transfer / Bandwidth Data Storage / Disk Space Domains / Sub-Domains Email Accounts / Forwarders MySQL Databases
It is now no longer necessary to pay for every single byte of data you transfer. It is much easier and much more cost efficient to pay a single fee for unmetered bandwidth. You can never be certain as to what your monthly bandwidth usage will be so it pays not to have a specific bandwidth limit which may result in you having to pay fees for excessive usage. Avoid these large fees altogether by ensuring your web host offers unmetered data transfer.
You are also subject to penalty charges if you have to exceed your allocated disk storage space. You will be unable to use extra disk space without having to contact your web host and requesting that extra storage is made available. This may be a lengthy procedure which will waste time that could be invested more productively elsewhere. If you have a dynamic website which may rely on user contributions you will never be certain as to what your storage requirements will be. It is vital that you have a web hosting solution that provides you with unmetered storage space; otherwise you may experience downtime as a result of you running out of resources.
An unmetered web hosting solution will be much cheaper than the limited alternative. You will now be able to host all or your websites from one account rather than having a number of different accounts and being charged for their different services. A single unmetered web host will allow you to manage your web presence much more efficiently and save you a lot of money in the process. Gone are the days where you will be charged for excessive bandwidth usage. You will never have to contact your web host requesting more resources again.
Ultimately if you really value your website's web presence then unmetered web hosting is a must. You cannot afford downtime due to a lack of resources; be it because of data transfer or storage space. There really is no excuse as unmetered web hosting is available. Use it!

About the Author
Natalie Wilkins owns Affordable Web Hosting Services at 10DollarWebHosts.comA web hosting company that puts the customer first. A professional solution for beginners to advanced, for personal web hosting to business web hosting.


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