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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Becoming a UK Reseller Web Hosting Outfit by Trevor Mulholland

Becoming a UK Reseller Web Hosting Outfit
by Trevor Mulholland

There is a need for good web space reseller services in your home country, no matter where in the world you are located. If you're based in the UK, becoming a top-rated UK reseller web hosting agent may be something worthy of your aspirations!
It may be true that in industry, the market is driven by price - the cheaper your products and services are, the more customers you get. But even if this is the usual way of things, it isn't what always happens. A UK reseller web hosting vendor, for example, should be able to win lots of customers over purely with its understanding of the market. And if you have experience as a webmaster buying web hosting services from various providers in your home country, then you may just find yourself at an advantage!
Do not think of this as a lottery - no business is. In order to succeed in any industry, you need to exhibit optimum persistence and skill. It still takes a lot of hard work to establish, project and then maintain a favorable image among your potential customers. As a reseller, you are essentially a marketer - someone experienced in the art of making people appreciate the things that make your business truly unique.
This may sound difficult, but if you are intimately involved with the industry, you already have a remarkable advantage. Say you are a programmer with a hundred contacts and a gift of gab - this could start you off on the right foot. Say, also, that you have experienced plugging your website or your friends' website in different communities, have had to deal with inquiries on a one-to-one level as a webmaster - then you already have a good idea of what is required to make a good reseller!
A reseller is primarily a marketing arm for a web host. You don't need to operate web servers in your own home to become a reseller. Now, you may resent the idea of doing the marketing for your web host, but bear in mind that you're not entirely doing this for free!
What sets you apart from the marketing arm of your web host is that you are able to offer web space in lower prices. There are a couple of ways to do this. One of them is by buying web space from your "parent" web host, and then redistributing this space at premium rates to interested buyers. Gain enough experience, do your research, and when you're ready, make your entrance in the UK reseller web hosting industry!

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