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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Becoming Your Own Affordable Hosting Reseller Expert by Trevor Mulholland

Becoming Your Own Affordable Hosting Reseller Expert
by Trevor Mulholland

If you're already a webmaster who's experienced managing multiple domains - and yes, this means assigning user access levels to friends and family so they could play around in the web space you've purchased - you may have done just enough research to make you an efficient hosting reseller. You must also have gotten an idea how hot an affordable hosting reseller outfit could be in the market today. Why not think about taking the next step and becoming a web space reseller as well?
And it's not enough to be just any reseller - to give yourself an edge in the market, you must first of all be an affordable hosting reseller. You have to offer unique services, or at the very least premium features at premium prices, otherwise you'll fail to catch the attention of your prospective customers. No doubt many other webmasters out there have been around and seen what makes reseller accounts look so attractive. You need to do your own research and see what will give you an advantage over other resellers.
So how do you become an in-demand reseller? First of all, you need to define your market. What kind of users are you targeting - small business owners, private individuals, or large organizations and corporate entities? It's important for you to keep your potential customers at the forefront of all your planning, because their needs will shape the way you customize the packages you aim to resell.
Many resellers make it a point to target specific sectors, like people who want to be able to host multiple domains for their personal websites, or people who want the extended functionalities of online store hosting. People will react better to your sales pitch when they hear that you are offering exactly the features they need, at exactly the budget they have. It would be beneficial to draw on your webmastering experience for this.
This leads us to the next step: make a tally of the things your outfit has to offer. Then, out of that list, check the features you have that aren't offered by many other resellers who cater to your target market.
After you've defined what would make your web space uniquely sellable, draft a marketing plan. How do you plan to come across as an reliable and affordable hosting reseller outfit? One way to go about this is to be liberal with promos and limited offers. Sure it may mean limited profit, but remember you're just starting off - when you've already established your footing in the market, the customers you were able to attract with your promos will end up being the customers you'll be keeping for the long haul.

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