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Sunday, November 19, 2006

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name by Julian Johnson

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name

by Julian Johnson

Do you really need to have your own domain name? Why is it not advisable to use free web hosting services for your online business?
First of all, assuming your business name is mystore, Which domain name would you prefer: or Alternatively, some other free hosting websites gives you sub-domains like Which one sounds more professional and looks more credible?
Having your own domain name is like having your own brand. Do you want to ride upon someone else's name? When you have a domain name of your own, it also gives the impression that your company is comparitively more established and more credible. In addition, one look at it, people can tell that you are using a free service.
When you communicate your website to your prospective customers, it would be more lengthy if you use the services of a free web hosting site. See examples above.
Free website services also do not provide you many email accounts. Most of them only provide you ONE email account. Having a few email accounts allows you the flexibility to segregate your functions such as Enquiries, Sales, Admin, Support, etc. It makes it easier for you to address the emails sent by your customers. At the same time, it gives the impression that they are dealing with a large company.
Whenever you use a free website service, the service provider have the rights to insert their advertisements into your websites. Their advertisements can be in the form of banner, pop-ups or pop-unders. You certainly do not want these advertisements to distract the attention of your visitors.
In terms of search engine's page ranking, the keyword in the homepage (index) of a domain is ranked higher than any other pages. Therefore, if you are a subdomain or a sub-page under a free hosting website, it is difficult to make your page ranking to the top. Everyone knows how important it is to be ranked top, just imagine the amount of web traffics you have potentially missed out.
Benfits of your own domain name:
1. Build your own brand and credibility
2. Make it easier to communicate to your prospective customers
3. Offer you the capability to segregate your business functions by using more than 1 email account
4. Elimiate advertisement distractions from the free hosting website
5. Drive web traffic to your website and increase your page rank.
Although free hosting sounds attractive, just look at the benefits that you stand to lose. The small fee you pay every month or every year is really worth the value.
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