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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Creating "Sub-Resellers" With WHM Reseller Hosting by Trevor Mulholland

Creating "Sub-Resellers" With WHM Reseller Hosting
by Trevor Mulholland

Smart resellers know how to make the most of their web space, and to sell it in a way that attracts all kinds of people who may be interested. If you are a reseller, you will want to attract "sub-resellers," and you can do this if you have sufficient command over the features that come with WHM reseller hosting.
WHM reseller hosting is a kind of hosting account that can only be purchased by resellers directly from a web host. WHM stands for "web host management," which in itself should describe its purpose. It is installed in a web host, usually along with cPanel, which is a web panel software which is actually another bestseller of the company that created WHM:
While it makes sense for a reseller to target only a specific sector - individual users who want to make personal websites, or small business entrepreneurs who want to put up small online stores - a service provider who aspires to become truly successful would know that branching out is essential to the growth of a business. And to branch out efficiently, one needs to be able to market one's services efficiently. After all reseller vendors are, first and foremost, marketers of web space that they do not personally own - therefore markting skills are paramount.
But on top of being marketing professionals, resellers are often service providers, too. Smart resellers take it upon themselves to handle the customer relations end of the web host distribution business, and take care of their customers' needs. Now - in case a customer wants to be able to "resell" web space at a truly optimum cost, a reseller should be able to acknowledge this as an open market, because there is a wealth of customers out there who want to be able to earn from their purchased web spaces at all, by any way possible!
And above all else, a reseller should not view these "sub-resellers" as competition. Sub-resellers serve to address the needs of other interested web space buyers, while shouldering the cost of maintaining the web space they redistribute! Quite like the reseller does, they sell web space at a profit, while shouldering the agreed-upon retail cost of the web space they already enjoy.
At any rate, "sub-resellers" are not competition to legitimate reseller vendors on the strictest sense. WHM reseller hosting is only available to first-level resellers... which means "sub-resellers" will have to create user accounts only through the cPanel. WHM allows first-level reseller vendors to create user accounts for sub-resellers, and sub-resellers can only make user accounts for other people who need to "squat" in their web space. Further sub-levels of user accounts may not be generated.

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