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Sunday, November 19, 2006

UK Reseller Web Hosting: Trust Matters by Trevor Mulholland

UK Reseller Web Hosting: Trust Matters
by Trevor Mulholland

People who live in the UK will want UK-based services. At the very least, customers know that people in the UK are intimately aware of the need to provide good service at budget rates. And UK-based customers will want savings even on their web space needs, so that individuals interested in putting up UK reseller web hosting services will not set a foot into the reseller space market and find it dry.
There is one thing that makes a UK reseller web hosting outfit ideal for UK-based customers, and that is trust. People trust the people in their neighborhood to be most aware of the things they need. They also take comfort in the fact that the people they would want to contact in case of emergency is just a few toll-free numbers away.
Reselling web space is a diversified iundustry. There are many ways to go about it. One of them is by entering into a contract with a large web host to market its services for a commission of all sales made. This pretty much makes customers hands-off for the reseller, because after transactions have been made, the reseller basically turns over all customers into the care of the "parent" web host.
But there is another instance of web space reselling which puts much more work onto the shoulders of the reseller, although it could also potentially bring in much more profit: the reseller buys a large amount of web space from the original host, and then "re-sells" smaller portions of it to interested buyers. The cost of buying the web space is shouldered by the reseller, but if many customers come to avail of the smaller web space allocations, the reseller may potentially incur a profit that greatly exceeds the investment.
One catch in this setup, though, is that it is assumed that the reseller is also in charge of holding up the customer support end. In many cases, the reseller poses as a web host, with its own name and services (such as FTP hosts) that carry its labels and URLs. This is not illegal, especially since some web hosts make it a point to sell "brandable" reseller web accounts for people who are interested specifically in selling their services uniquely.
So if you're in the UK and you're thinking of getting reseller web hosting - or if you're thinking of putting up a reseller outfit for UK clients - UK reseller web hosting is the way to go. Nothing gains and keeps the trust of customers better than being physically present to be aware of their most pressing needs.

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