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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Hosting Reseller by Trevor Mulholland

Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Hosting Reseller

by Trevor Mulholland

It's a given that if you're looking for a web space reseller, you'll look for an affordable hosting reseller. Practicality takes priority in every purchase, and no matter what you intend to do with your web space, or the features that come with the web space you get, cost is the first thing that you should take into consideration. Refer to the following checklist when shopping around for cheap web space:
1. How much are you ready to spend? Owning your own web space has pretty much become a fixture in the reality of modern enterprise, and if you're planning to get a host for business purposes, you'd better be ready to shell out the kind of money that will buy you the features and the quality of service that you need. A truly noteworthy affordable hosting reseller will be able to help you maximize your spending capacity.
2. What are your immediate needs? Can you cut down on a few features that may seem "cool" at the onset, but you won't really need? Browsing around mailing lists, message boards, and other online forums, you may find recommendations for features that are classified as "must-haves," but really isn't a must-have for you at all.
One example of this is multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting is the capability to host and distribute a limited (or unlimited, depending on the kind of hosting package that you get) number of domains in a single web space - for example, you can have both and in just one web account! Some resellers offer that, and it's good for people who want to maintain multiple sites, or become resellers as well.
But if you only plan to have one small website, which uses only one domain, you can significantly streamline your spendings if you seek out a reseller that doesn't offer multiple domain hosting. If you only want to host a personal web space, you may even do away with domain hosting altogether, and settle for a VERY cheap reseller who'll just let you "park" in his or her domain with only a subdomain or subfolder to your name!
3. Are there any good promos going around? Now this is something you'll have to keep your eyes out for. New reseller outfits often drive down their prices as part of a "promo" package, in order to attract new customers. A discounted shiny new one-year package, or an "early adopter" advantage, is always easy on the wallet. Some people even move from reseller to reseller as soon as the next big promo comes along - until they finally decide upon an affordable hosting reseller to stick with for the long haul.

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