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Sunday, November 19, 2006

WebHosting Supercharged!!! Radical Hosting for Your New Website by Demond L Jackson

WebHosting Supercharged!!! Radical Hosting for Your New Website

by Demond L Jackson

Wouldn't it be nice if web hosting companies actually made it easy to "Build a business?" As I found out, web hosting companies aren't concerned with helping the new site owner build their new online business. They're only concern is selling you products and services to increase their revenue. New online site owners need to be taken through a process in order to meet with success. Without that process, many sites die a long and painful death. Apparently one web hosting company got fed up enough to do something about that.

In my extensive research of the many web hosting companies available, there was only one that truly impressed me, and exceeded all of my expectations. The other companies were all so very similar that you were pretty much getting the same service despite the hosting company you choose. They may help you get your site online; but when it comes to "Helping" you build your business, that's where all but one company dropped the ball.

The web hosting, design, marketing and business building professionals at Site Build It! actually helps you build your business. No HTML, CGI, Graphics or Programming experience? No Problem. This is a supercharged web hosting company because they do much more than just host your site. They are dedicated to helping their clients overcome the barriers that eliminate 99% of all who try to build an online business.

Site Build It! is a program that helps a new site owner with every aspect of developing a profitable business. The program has easy to use graphics. Also it analyzes each page and tells you exactly what to do so you can rank high, and be found in the search engines. You are never alone. Site Build It! has an online community that has Sixty Business Building Forums with actual clients who are getting a ton of traffic and making an above average income.

Site Build It! goes the extra mile for their clients. In addition to hosting, your domain name is FREE, even if you cancel your service. They submit unlimited URL's to Search Engines (includes Google Sitemaps, Yahoo! Mass-Submit, and MSN Graphic-Challenge). Your Ranking Reports for Search Engines and Directories are provided for you. Search Engine Optimization, Value Exchange, 4 Traffic HQ's, E-zine Submission and Delivery; there isn't anything from a web hosting company that Site Build It! doesn't exemplify.

Best of all, there business model is so superb that (in my opinion) it would be very difficult for a site owner to fail. Site Build It! Just Released Monitize It! The Action Guide leads you cleanly through the C→T→P→M process. Monitize It! will revolutionize your new site's potential forever. Not only will your site most likely not fail, but it can be among the top three percent of sites online. From the dozens of hosting companies I've researched, Site Build It! is the only web hosting company even worth your time. Visit the website and see for yourself if this web hosting service doesn't exceed your expectations.

The Site Build It Program is available from:


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