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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Is a cute MySpace layout all-important? by Stephen Skyvington-Diplock

Is a cute MySpace layout all-important?

by Stephen Skyvington-Diplock

What makes an Internet phenomenon?

A question probably asked by millions of people who have seen the advent of eBay, Google, youtube and the like. All of a sudden you notice that there is a new term being bandied about on the Internet MySpace. With a little research you can find out that it is a social networking website offering blogs, groups, music picture and videos. It's interactive and can be described as a network of user submissions of all of the above. That it is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, is owned by News Corporation and employs over 300 staff.

Some maintain that it is currently the fourth most popular English language website and the sixth most popular website in any language. Although there are a number of similar websites MySpace seems to have gained more popularity that most. Why?

Because of its popularity it attracts more visitors than its contemporaries and is reported to have over one hundred and six million accounts. That is what I call an Internet phenomenon.

Who are these millions of account holders? They are musicians, filmmakers, celebrities, and comedians who upload songs, short films, and other work directly onto their profiles or they are simply Joe Public who publishes their personal blog which their friends and loved ones then log into and read. I personally have first hand experience of listening to a young and new band called "Fitzpain" you can find them by searching in MySpace Music.

However I digress, it would appear that now having a cute MySpace layout is all important if your going to impress. In order to achieve this you need to learn a few new skills. How to incorporate glitter graphics. How to upload your favourite music. You will need to learn all the new terms like what is meant by "pimping", "friends" and "trains". You will need to know how to change your layout, colours and theme. Eventually to create such an attractive and cute MySpace layout that people can't help visiting it and recommending it to their friends.

As luck would have it there is a MySpace video tutorial guide for people like me that teaches all of this. You can find it at HERE. Not only does it teach you all of the information above but it also teaches a lot more. I have now satisfied myself that I now know what MySpace is and what constitutes a cute MySpace layout.

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