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Sunday, November 19, 2006

What is php? by Compare Webhosts

What is php?

by Compare Webhosts

PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. Syntax is very similar to that of Perl. PHP is very easy to understand. PHP supports the most common databases like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL. Integrating of external libraries to generate PDF documents or parsing XML PHP is an open-source language and is supported by large groups of developers.
Php hosting became an important source of revenue for hosting provider companies in the recent decade. Php hosting is now required as there is an increase in the php websites. There are always questions arising about how we can choose the best php hosting and about the price, technical criteria etc. each and every detail can change our idea in php hostings.
We have few criteria's which can help us in choosing the php hosting such as
1. Price, Size and bandwidth 2. What do you need with PHP? 3. What should I know too? 4. Conclusion
Price, Size and bandwidth:
Price is the most important criteria. When we pay a good deal we have a right to want the best. When you don't want to invest big money then cheap php hosting is always the best. An example can be taken as a blog. When it comes to blog the bandwidth is not very huge for a personal blog. With putting in video or mp3 so be sure that you won't exceed the 1GB your first year, even the second year. Some of the php hosting offers hosting space of 100MB, some offer 500Mb. you can also find cheap php hosting offers with 1GB and more. Yes u have heard right. Cheap php hosting. $3 and $10 monthly will be charged for small php hostings.
5. What do you need with PHP?
When ever you install php hosting it is not necessary that php should be there. Almost all php hosting companies offer php in safe mode, its shared hosts so very normal is the first option. What's installed with php is also a question which arises within us. You can always ask them what ever you feel like if you think they are offering it for a reasonable price. To get a great for performance on Linux and apache servers there are php installed as CGI.
6. Things you should know too-problems.
There are few things that you should be enlightened about. Some companies do strange configuration that will case problems later when you want to install php software. You can use the search engine optimization which may consider rewriting the URLs using forceType in htdocs.
There are always some tips available. Google is the best way to get information out. You can see so many offers, but pick the one which fit your budget and business needs. You won't have to worry about anything as you can contact them for everything that you need. Contact them for testing account, some companies offer it. The only draw back is that not all software's run on php web hosting. There are limitations.

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Php hosting became an important source of revenue for hosting provider companies in the recent services