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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ways to Save on UK Reseller Web Hosting by Trevor Mulholland

Ways to Save on UK Reseller Web Hosting
by Trevor Mulholland

Reseller hosting is a big deal in today's web service market. It remaind lucrative precisely because it drives down the cost of web space and bandwidth for individual buyers. But what about the reseller - how are costs driven down for the "middleman" that goes between a web host and its prospective customers? If you plan to put up a UK reseller web hosting outfit, you need to know what features to include in order to make your company more competitive.
Competitiveness is not achieved simply by minimizing on manpower. It's true: sometimes a reseller outfit can be managed by just one person, making it a veritable "one-man show" - but in general good service cannot be provided by one man alone. Moreover, the ability to grow and expand as a UK reseller web hosting service may in fact be directly proportional to the number of people you get to work on your system. The more capable support technicians and sales agents you get, the better you will be able to maintain smooth relations with your customers.
What, then, would most people do to drive down manpower costs? The answer is simple: they outsource. Now this may be an unpopular idea depending on where you live, but that doesn't change the fact that even owners of small and medium businesses can avail of the benefits of outsourcing their service tasks - otherwise known as "back-office" work - to lower-cost locations. Reliable English-speaking service technicians in India, Russia and Eastern Europe, for example, would be able to help you save on the cost of recruiting UK-based phone or mail-in agents.
However, even if you do save on service costs, you will be putting in a considerable amount of another asset into the endeavor of outsourcing: patience and time. Just because you have found a reliable outfit overseas, it's not a given that you should sit back and let them do all the work for you! You need to be vigilant, to stay on top of all matters and to respond to all queries on the highest managerial level.
Signing up for services from countries offer more than one way to save on the costs of reseller hosting. You can also save on operational costs by getting a reseller account from a web host based in a lower-cost location. A popular server based in Ukraine, for example, would be no less or more reliable than a popular server based in the UK, if the support technicians have good credentials and an impressive track record. A UK reseller web hosting outfit need not stick to UK prices - it can make the most out of the global market!

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