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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Web Hosting Service Provider by Nik

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Web Hosting Service Provider
by Nik

Web hosting service provider should be reliable, cheap and provide all the services a webmaster wants. Web hosting provider must qualify certain attributes to be chosen as a service provider and they are:
1. Must provide enough Disk-space.
Web hosting service provider must provide at-least 2GB of web space since your business is going to expand in future. After your business grows and you find that the space provided by hosting provider is less and you need to shift to another web hosting provider is quite frustrating and time consuming job.
2. Must provide unlimited services like email accounts, bandwidth, database space and others.
If you are starting with an online business than bandwidth factor is quite important since if your business grows and the amount of visitors also grows can affect the bandwidth factor and if the bandwidth provided exceeds the limit it will cost you more. So more the bandwidth the better it is. The email accounts service should be unlimited since you have to provide various email accounts for various purposes of your business.As your business will grow, the more customer information you have to store which in-turn will grow your database, so unlimited database space is important.
3. Payment of Web Hosting service should be yearly or lifetime.
Payment scheme should be chosen either for yearly or lifetime, since once you have paid for lifetime you won't have any problem if your service provider changes any payment scheme or bring any new clause. Otherwise if you pay as per monthly scheme than if any clause gets changed you have to follow that clause.
4. Must provide have 24/7 technical support.
Your web hosting service provider must provide the technical support all the time, since if any problem occurs you can contact them and get instantly solved. Otherwise it might affect your business.
5. Must offer 99.99% uptime.
Your website must be 99.99% time up otherwise it will adversely affect your business. If your customer wants some information about your product and your site is not up and working than customer will turn to another company and you will loose your customer

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