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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Making It Big as An Affordable Hosting Reseller by Trevor Mulholland

Making It Big as An Affordable Hosting Reseller
by Trevor Mulholland

The next step to having substantial webmastering experience is becoming a web space hosting reseller. And not just any reseller, mind, but an affordable hosting reseller. Price is the first factor that drives people to seek out resellers, although there are also a number of factors that make resellers especially attractive. The ability to provide a "personal touch" to web hosting services is among them.

Approaching web hosts directly for web space may be intimidating, especially for first-time users. Packages purchased directly from web hosts usually come across as expensive and hard to customize. A reliable, affordable hosting reseller is able to drive down the price of web hosting for users with specialized needs - and on top of that, is able to associate with them more intimately and accomplish a level of familiarity with the market that may be just be impossible for big web hosts, whose main concern is not marketing but background improvements, and buffing up the infrastructure.

Marketing is the strongest point of a reseller. You may have heard it said that you don't need to have "web savvy" or technical know-how in order to be a good reseller - this is simply not true. As with any business, you need to do your research and spend lots of time in the nitty-gritty, learning how things work on the level of the consumer.

A good webmaster is able to draw on his or her own experiences in order to enrich the experiences of his or her customers. If you've had experience buying your own reseller space for the purposes of develping an online store, for example, ask yourself: what did I end up needing from the features I was offered? What did I end up NOT needing? How can I make these features customizable for people who want to set up online stores of their own?

Experience also allows webmasters to see the trouble spots in a vendor-customer relationship. Have you tried out various webhosts, and have you been able to compare the services offered by each one? How do the tech support services compare? You must know that good tech support is the backbone of any sort of tech sales.

Best of all, experience will allow you to see how you can improve your services based on the needs of your current - and future! - clients. A top-rate and affordable hosting reseller constantly stays up to date on the latest industry developments and customer concerns.


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