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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Moreworld database services

Moreworld database services

MoreWorld Development offers a customized database design service that covers the data management aspects lock and stock. We produce reliable turnkey Web and non-Web database-driven solutions for desktop and client-server environments. Industries where this technology is invaluable include insurance, education, ecommerce, and other industries. When the integrity and efficiency of your data management is vitally important, rely on us to develop a database that meets your individual needs.
Weather you need a robust and scalable database designed for a new system, an improvement in the performance of your current database or if you just want to add simple content management capabilities to your website, we have a solution for you. Would you like to add press releases, company newsletters, product updates, tips and techniques, or any other type of manageable content to your existing website? We can design your database from the ground up, improve an existing database or add these applications to your already existing website making any system dynamic, fast and reliable.
Our developers specialize in designing and building databases as part of large scale projects. We will listen to your needs and develop a website "back-end" that will help your business succeed. Our designers and programmers can produce a reliable and efficient database for a large range of applications. Our custom database design, development and integration will prove invaluable to the long term success of any website.
Most web software projects require careful database design and development including dynamic websites, e-commerce websites, content based websites, networking websites and a wide range of other web applications. We take pride in offering quick, effective, and inexpensive database solutions. Check out the samples in our portfolio to get a feel for our work.
MoreWorld Development will closely work with you to bring about assured results for any of your data management needs. We provide our custom database services for new database development and for improving the capabilities of an existing database's architecture. We will maintain, refurbish, or integrate a new or improved database for new or existing software or for other database-driven applications.
The majority of our database projects are developed using the following technology, however if you would like to employe our services but wish to use a different database technology we are more than happy to work with you and find a solution that meets your needs:
* MS SQL Server, MySQL * MS Access, Oracle
MoreWorld Development

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