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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reseller Web Hosting by zFroggy

Reseller Web Hosting
by zFroggy

As the internet continues to expand and grow on a daily basis, the need for high quality web hosting providers becomes a major issue for anyone who wants to have a presence on the internet with a web site.
When you have a web site, you need a decent web hosting company that will host your site for you. Well, people who want to make a lucrative income are venturing into the realm of reseller web hosting.
If you become involved in reseller web hosting, you don't need any expertise or knowledge of web hosting in order to get started. If you purchase your reseller hosting through a good hosting company, they will be responsible for maintaining the servers. Thus, if a problem arises, they have computer techs on staff who can resolve the problem.
As a reseller of web hosting services, you will purchase the hosting from an existing web hosting provider and then resell it under your company name. The greatest advantage of being a reseller is the fact that you will keep 100% of the profits that you generate from your own web hosting company.
The hosting companies already have everything in place and you don't have to worry about setting up a building with computers and servers in order to run your new reseller business. As a result, you can focus on your promoting your new web hosting company and concentrate on collecting all of your profits.
There are numerous hosting companies that offer reseller web hosting. However, there is one company that is #1 on the list for reseller hosting. This company is called Host Gator and they offer a great package for anyone interested in becoming their own web host. With their plan, you will get the great advantage of hosting unlimited websites.
Host Gator also offers free pre-made web site templates so that you can have your own web site on the internet today. In addition, they also offer a free merchant account that is a major factor for any online entrepreneur.
Host Gator is one company that has received excellent feedback from their customers on a consistent basis in the online forums across the internet.
Easy CGI and Lunar Pages also offer very affordable reseller web hosting packages.
As the internet continues to expand, the need for quality hosting is critical. Reseller web hosting is an excellent way fro anyone to make a great income as an online entrepreneur. Some people have started part time and then move into a full time status once their new hosting service skyrockets in profits.
If you are willing to invest the time in your own reseller web hosting business, the financial rewards will be tremendous.

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